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Now that I’m almost caught up from taking some downtime from delivering my Baby Boy Jackson, I’m even more inspired by my STRONG MOMMY clients.

Andrea L. absolutely kicked butt with her program and dropped 17 lbs along with shredding 5 inches around her waist, 4 inches off of her thighs, and 2 inches off of her hips. More importantly she looks phenomenal and achieved her hot body with very limited cardio work, a whole lot of carbs, and plenty of food flexibility.

Andrea says, “My goal with Jenny was to loose my stubborn baby weight but, just as important, I wanted to feel strong again too. After having my son Mason, I felt weak and had aches and pains post pregnancy that I never had before so I wanted to remedy that as quickly as possible.

In terms of dedication and accountability I have surprised myself. The STRONG GIRLS community has definitely helped me keep compliant and accountable. Seeing all of the other STRONG GIRLS and STRONG MOMMY’S success stories and amazing progress was both motivating and humbling. It was encouraging to know that we all share our ups, downs and triumphs together as a team. It’s a real life journey and we are all living it!

I am over the moon pleased with my results because I never dreamed I would have abs ever in my life! I feel fit, strong and have a new found confidence in my physique. I can truly say that I’m in the best shape of my life and it feels awesome! I look forward to living and leading this lifestyle for months and years to come.”

This HOT MOMMA has me itching to get my Post Natal program on the go! Thank you for inspiring me today Andrea!!!


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