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TEAM STRONG GIRLS Biweekly Progress – Jovana G.

I’m extremely proud to share Jovana G’s progress! This STRONG MOMMY inspires me with every check-in. Despite a slew of injuries ranging from potential meniscus tear and a torn rotator cuff from years of playing competitive basketball, nothing stops Jovana from getting her goals accomplished.
Despite limiting a number of exercises because of injury, I’m so proud to share her 40 lbs (!!!) weight loss. In addition to this, she has also shredded 8 inches around her waist and 6 inches off of her hips but, even better than that, this STRONG GIRL is committed to her health and continued progress because of our sane approach to dieting which includes plenty of food flexibility.
Jovana says, “Coach Jenny, I continue to be grateful for this journey and everything it teaches me. Not only do I love my progress but the effect it has had on my entire family. Joining TEAM STRONG GIRLS was the best decision I ever made!”
More Jovana coming soon!


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