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TEAM STRONG GIRLS Biweekly Progress – Viktoria S.

I’m so proud to share the progress of my beautiful Viktoria S. who came to me late last year looking to loose weight and get into better shape…and we are certainly doing that!

Over the past few weeks, Viktoria’s anxiety to the scale was affecting her ability to accurately gauge her progress so…we banned her from the scale. Since the “breakup” (LOL!), the assessment of her progress was more accurate.

Viktoria says, “Jenny when I looked at my Before pictures and compared them to my most updated images I can truly see the difference. I’m so thankful and happy to be working with you and being a STRONG GIRL!”

As for the numbers, I actually don’t know her weight loss (because of our “breakup” with the scale. YAY!) but she has lost an awesome 4 inches off her hips and 4 inches around her belly button. She’s looking tighter and embracing healthier habits…which is the most important thing!!!

Now that we are well on our way with leaning out and an increased metabolism and controlled eating, we are also transitioning to more detailed training and postural protocols to address some imbalances to get all of her muscles firing properly.
I’m so proud of you Viktoria and can’t wait to share more of your journey!!!


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