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TEAM STRONG GIRLS Biweekly Progress – Amanda C.

I’m so happy to share these comparison images of the beautiful Amanda C. who is just trekking right along with her program. She came to me looking to lean out and learn more about nutrition and have it work with her very active lifestyle.

This STRONG MOMMY of 3 was Crossfitting 5x/week, running, and also following a 90% Paleo Diet but was not entirely happy with her results. While she was incredibly fit, she also accumulated some unwanted body fat so we put together a strategy that was better suited to her goals by reducing her training volume with a focus on quality training (3x CrossFit Training Days), got rid distance running altogether (i.e. low intensity cardio), and definitely moved away from the Paleo approach (“Get outta here Paleo!”) and introduced a lot more carbs, carbs, and more carbs (and a heck of a lot more calories too!!!).

This STRONG GIRL has shredded a mind blowing 8 inches around her belly button, 8 inches around her hips, and 8 inches around her thighs. Most importantly she feels GREAT and STRONG!

Amanda says, “Hi Jenny! I have a Non Scale Victory to share. NSV! I have a pair of jeans I LOVE that look a little more like a trouser pant. Anyways,they have not fit in over a year, I thought I would give them a try this morning. Not only do the fit they have a little extra room in the waist! And they are freshly washed, haven’t been worked in at all!”

I love me a good ‪#‎PantsStory‬ and I cannot wait to share more of the gorgeous Amanda!!!


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