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Buh Bye Mummy Tummy – TEAM STRONG GIRLS Nicole R.

Diastasis Recti is defined as the separation of the rectus abdominis muscles into 2 halves and is very common with pregnant and postpartum women. To some, this is also known as “mummy tummy” and the good news is…it’s FIXABLE!

A few months ago I worked with STRONG MOMMY Nicole R. who came to me looking to lean out and get into better shape. More specifically she said she “wanted to get rid of her Mommy Pooch and have a flatter stomach, definition in her abs, and a smaller waist”.

Nicole says, “I came to Coach Jenny after having had 3 children in 5 years. Two years after the birth of my last baby, my pregnancies had left me with a 2 inch gap between my abdominal muscles, even after consistent exercise with a focus on building my core strength. I was discouraged.

Coach Jenny prescribed a post natal ab routine for me to help close this gap. I performed the routine 5 days a week and found the movements to be very straight forward and focused on the feeling of pulling my abdominal wall back together.

After about 3 months doing these exercises consistently, the gap in my abs has disappeared! I am now left with intact abs, and even better, some definition in my upper abs! Thank you Coach Jenny!”

The Diastasis Recti is very noticeable in Nicole’s “before” photo and the profound changes in her midsection can be attributed to simply pulling the abdominal wall back together with straight forward movements, repetition, and dynamic neuromuscular connection for the purpose restoring abdominal function.




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