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I’m extremely proud to share the progress of Lori-Ann M. who looks fantastic! This gorgeous STRONG MOMMY of 2 is also a very active Fitness Studio Owner and Instructor who came to looking to tighten up and feel the best she can bet…and we certainly achieved that!

Lori-Ann says, “As a busy mom of 2 kids and fitness studio owner and instructor there are times I don’t get time to sit down and relax for even a minute. Quite often I was physically drained but kept pushing forward. Even though I tried to eat healthier options, deep down I knew I wasn’t eating enough. The physical demands on my body wasn’t matching my food intake.
On top of my physically draining job I also suffer from chronic migraines and anemia. By overworking my body and not eating enough made these issues even worse! Sometimes I would teach a class and feel like I was going to pass out so I knew I needed a change. I started looking into working with a nutritionist when I came across the Coach JVB’s website. I liked the fact that Jenny worked with all sorts of women including athletes.

About 1 month into my program I experienced less frequent dizzy spells and no more headaches. I also had a lot more energy to get through my crazy teaching schedule! In addition to that, I loved the physical changes happening to me body!”

Beautiful, fit, strong, and healthy. The epitome of a STRONG MOMMY! I’m so proud of Lori-Ann’s progress and can’t wait to share more!!!


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