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Motherhood. This is the greatest gift ever bestowed to me and my eagerness to meet my Baby Bean is beyond anything I have ever felt. Of course the changes in my body are something that I’m still getting used to and every time I seem to adjust, my body (or this Little Guy inside of me) ignites newer feelings of uncomfortably.

That being said the temptation to temporarily live a more sedentary sounds appealing. More so than it has ever been in my life.

People in my life told me to i) relax more, ii) rest more, iii) don’t exercise, iv) exercise less, v) eat more junk food to fatten up, vi) stop watching what I eat, vii) take more downtime, and viii) even go on early maternity leave.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

I trained harder, I trained smarter, I ate according to my means with a focus on keeping my Baby Bean healthy and growing never losing sight of my goals, I’ve expanded my business, I also wrote an e-book along the way, I continued planning my short term and long term goals, every single day I focused on achieving more and kicking more butt as a soon-to-be STRONG MOMMY…and I didn’t even hesitate or think twice about it.

If you ever suggested I “take it easy”…then you don’t know me very well.


Photo: Dave Laus
MUH: Valeria Nova


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