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TEAM STRONG GIRLS Success Story – Nicole R.

All the way from South Carolina, my client Nicole R. came to me looking to tighten up and shape her physique and also gain a better understanding of nutritional balance for her lifestyle.

Over our first few weeks, she was initially scared about movement on the scale so I focused on breaking that habit by not using the scale weight as a tool of progress…I just stopped it because it’s not relevant. We solely focused on appearance for my assessments.

We also realized, after 3 children, this STRONG GIRL also had Diastasis Recti (separating of her abdominal muscles) so we also put together a program to bring her abdominal muscles back together and WOW look at her midsection (more on this later)!!!

Nicole says, “I was blessed to have 3 babies within 5 years but multiple pregnancies had left me with a changed body shape and a few extra pounds. In an effort to regain my old shape back, I faced a constant battle on two fronts every day – one in the kitchen where I was unsure of what to eat and how much to eat. I had always watched what I ate but had a hard time understanding how to balance my macros correctly and would often stand in the kitchen, hungry, and not knowing what was best to eat, would eventually leave the kitchen without eating anything, still hungry.

The second battle occurred in my closet facing a wardrobe full of clothes with nothing to wear because I felt so disproportionate with with a waist that was too thick for the rest of my body. I would take off outfit after outfit only to return to a few trusty favourites that seemed to work.

Over time I lost the weight I wanted to lose by restricting my calories but still couldn’t seem to change my body shape. I decided to come to Coach Jenny to help me understand how to confront both of these battles using a unified approach that targeted both my diet and exercise. I was able to eat SO much more and fixed my sluggish metabolism. I also had food variety and flexibility on her plan…a huge plus for a girl who LOVES to eat!!!

I have so much more confidence in my looks these days and I no longer fight the daily battles in my closet and kitchen! I feel fit and confident and STRONG! Thank you Coach Jenny!!!”

I’m so proud of this STRONG MOMMY and can’t wait to share more of her gorgeous photos (which she submitted to me herself…how awesome???)!!!



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