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Dieting and being honest with yourself

A lesson that will always stand the test of time is – honesty is the best policy. Interestingly enough, this also rings true as it pertains to one’s fitness goals.

If you haven’t achieved what you set out to accomplish ask yourself – have I really given it my all (as in 100%)?

While it’s human nature to put blame on hectic schedules, weekend commitments, family, friends, holidays, your job, or make excuses that you’re too tired or it’s your genes (I hear that one a lot), it’s easy to blame something (or anything) and make excuses but when it comes down to it YOU’RE the one that knows the WHOLE TRUTH and the HARD FACTS.

Even though we start a diet with the best intentions it’s more than likely the time will never right for dieting – there will always be birthdays, holidays, meetings and other commitments…that’s life and life will always get in the way.

Success is dependent on how bad you really want something and what you are willing to sacrifice to achieve it.

When it comes to dieting, I never said it was going to be easy but I will always say it’s 100% worth it 🙂

Photo by Paul Buceta_21910

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