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TEAM STRONG GIRLS Success Story – Lana K.

I am so proud of the Lana K’s fitness journey who came to me last year looking to lean out and tighten up. She had already lost an incredible 60 lbs on her own through cardio and conditioning classes (wowee!!!) but, as all things go with too much cardio, her progress eventually came to a halt. Unfortunately Lana tried to continue through by doing even more cardio and conditioning only to find herself spinning her wheels with a lack of progress, finding herself more tired than usual, and (gasp) finding herself even putting on weight.

Lana then found herself trying a number of different diet strategies (even at one time going Vegetarian) to no avail…even causing more weight gain.

When we started working together I limited the amount of cardio she was doing (by a lot), increased her food intake (by a lot), and had her focus more on Weight Training for the purpose of increasing lean muscle rather than waste it away with cardiovascular activity. By taking a more controlled approach to her goals, we were also able to control erratic eating patterns that she developed throughout the years of excessive cardio and yo-yo dieting creating balance.

With her metabolism under control, this STRONG GIRL made the most profound physical changes that even surprised me as her coach! As for the numbers, she lost almost 30 lbs and shredded 8 inches around her waist, 4 inches around her hips, and 6 inches from her thighs. More importantly, look at all of that incredible lean muscle this gorgeous lady has! Eeks!!!

When we started to lean out a few months ago, Lana asked me the golden question – “Do you think I can compete?”

Fast forward to today and she is the proud recipient of a 2nd Place Trophy in Figure category at her very first show.

More Lana coming soon!!!



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