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Goal setting with my Baby Bean…Like Mommy.

Since it’s Social Media’s famous Throwback Thursday, I decided to go through some older photos and stumbled upon an image captured during a photo shoot I did with the incredible Paul Buceta (which actually wasn’t even that long ago but now feels like a lifetime ago with my growing belly).

As I’m deep into the 2nd Trimester of my pregnancy, one of the most harrowing thoughts that can go through an expecting Mommy’s mind is “how do I get back into pre-baby shape?”. These thoughts are echoing through my mind more frequently but what’s keeping me grounded is the fact that I haven’t deviated from consistent exercise and keeping on top of the training program I designed for myself.

Knowing that I’m going to meet the new love-of-my-life in a few more months gives me butterflies as my excitement grows by leaps and bounds almost hourly. I’m also starting to feel his little kicks and movements so my imagination of giving him kisses and snuggles is happening constantly.

With fitness being such a major component of my life, I’m committed to making sure my Little Bean understands the benefits of being active, embracing fitness, and also goal setting. I’ve already put into motion “Operation: Get My Physique Back…And Then Some” by developing my new program, preparing my schedule, expediting some help, and establishing some concrete goals for 2015.

Of course life will always get in the way (especially with a newborn) so I don’t expect a smooth process and am trying my best to prepare myself for quite possibly the “bumpiest of rides” in terms of schedule but I wouldn’t change a thing in the world. In my opinion, how we navigate through life’s challenges and obstacles defines how we grow and also what we strive to achieve.

I can’t wait to meet you my Little Bean. We’ve got some Mommy/Baby exercises to do – you are going to be my trainer…and whip Mommy back into shape!

Photo: Paul Buceta
Hair/MUA: Lori Fabrizio
Clothing: Under Armour Women

Photo by Paul Buceta_21724

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