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Hip Flexor and Lower Back Relief

Located deep in our abdominal cavity, our hip flexors are responsible for some of our most daily functions such as lifting our knees and bending at our waist. The hip flexors are one of the most powerful muscles in our body but, over time, can also cause us much discomfort if over abused or under used.

With most of us sitting at a desk for extended periods of hours for work, the hip flexors stay in shortened position and can tighten up due to being in a contracted position. Because of the antagonistic relationship to our lower back, this can also be the cause of poor posture leading to mild or severe lower back issues.

If we throw in heavy exercise without adequately stretching our hip flexors out, we can cause mild to severe injury over time.

One of the best ways to make sure we don’t develop any future issues in our hips and our lower back (and to also protect these muscles in the long term) is to always ensure we stretch out this area to keep us limber and avoid injury.

The Hip Flexor Stretch is a wonderful Static Stretch that we can all simply incorporate into our daily routine that will make a significant difference to our body whether it is in the form of general mobility or even athletic performance.

Don’t forget to stretch 🙂


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