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I refer to October as PINK MONTH in which I will be campaigning TEAM STRONG GIRLS to join the fight against, not only Breast Cancer, but all cancers.

We’ve all been affected in some way by this dreaded disease and I’m confident, with everyone’s support, we will find a cure! I will be supporting this cause on a regular basis personally and through my business.

The heart and soul of my team, Jackie J., is one of my biggest inspirations. She is also an AIDS researcher, a humanitarian, a health/fitness enthusiast, and also a Cancer Survivor. This photo was taken last year when I flew down to San Francisco to meet her after her incredible 20 lbs weight loss journey to better health. Since her Success Story was posted, I’ve lost count as to how many messages of hope that I received from so many people because of her journey and am excited to share a few of these stories as quickly as this week!

I cannot thoroughly express in words how much this visit with Jacque last year means to me because it changed my life and has touched so many others’. Her positive aura is infectious and I am so thankful that many of STRONG GIRLS got to experience this first hand.

As always thank you to Under Armour Women for supplying us with the #PowerInPink line.



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