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TEAM STRONG GIRLS Biweekly Progress

I’m so proud to share Loretta E’s awesome progress! She came to me 6 short weeks ago from Winnipeg, MB looking to lean out despite being incredibly active. Upon reviewing her questionnaire/profile, I was very impressed with her level of commitment to fitness that all we needed to do was implement more fundamental Strength Training into her program and move away from the conditioning/cardio that she was accustomed to doing.

In just a few short weeks, we’ve managed to drop 11 lbs along with 2 inches around her waist, 2 inches around her hips, and 4 inches around her thighs. More importantly the visual transformation is phenomenal and we just started getting into all of the fun stuff such as emphasizing tempo and continuous tension to her muscles along with food flexibility (i.e. Free Meals, PWO Ice Cream, etc.).

Loretta says, “Coach I am so excited!!! My face is leaning out and I’m also wearing full sleeved shirts for the first time in years because I don’t feel like a sausage. My shoulders are starting to narrow out and I’m seeing a lot of definition in my triceps.

Workouts are going extremely well and I love how I can challenge myself daily. I lowered the weights and am now hitting ATG (‘Ass-To-Grass’) Squats. I’m slowly increasing the loads on the exercises I wasn’t accustomed to and again you were right – it didn’t take very long for me to get stronger.

As you prescribed, I’m keeping cardio to 1x/week and all of my other gym rat friends who do a lot of cardio are wondering what I’m doing because they they see some major changes. I feel so much better and stronger and no more sore joints! No one can believe I’m doing only 1 cardio session per week and my gym time is cut down to half!

With regards to the food, my husband even asked, ‘Are you sure you’re dieting because that’s a lot of food!’. I’m also having my FREE MEAL and enjoying every bite of my PWO Ice Cream. My family does not interrupt me. Also no deviations off plan and no extra licks and no extra bites.”

Flawless execution always equals awesome results. Stay tuned for more of this STRONG GIRL because we’ve just started her new phase!



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