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Whether it is from a friend or family member, I’m sure we’ve all heard the same thing before – to stop exercising and lifting weights because it is dangerous for a new Mommy and also dangerous for baby. Just to be clear, this is baloney.

Of course we should always consult our doctor beforehand but if our focus is having a healthy pregnancy then there is no reason why we can’t exercise and lift weights. In fact there is enough research out there that shows Fit Mommies are in labour shorter, have less chance of preterm labour, have fewer complications, and much briefer hospital stays.

A STRONG MOMMY also has more daily energy and a better sense of well being, much faster Post-Partum recovery, less discomfort in the pelvic area and back due to much better conditioned muscles, are less likely to have varicose veins due to better circulation, has less risk of excessive weight gain that can result in permanent stretch marks, and (very important to most) a quicker return to their pre-pregnancy weight.

I can’t wait to share my Strong Like MOMMY e-book


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  1. This is one of the things I wish I knew before I had my first son. I was 18 and everyone had misinformed me…I ended up getting gestational diabetes, and having a ton of complications from my poor eating and exercise habits. I ended up learning the hard way how to diet and portion control from that experience but I still have a ton of stretch marks as a result. Hopefully with your help and the help of the fitness community, these “myths” will stop being circulated and women will start being more active during pregnancy.

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