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STRONG LIKE MOMMY Biweekly Feedback – Sony G.

As I wrap up my STRONG LIKE MOMMY e-book (which I cannot wait to share), I’m reviewing all of my testimonials from my Prenatal and Postnatal clients and am overjoyed to share them with everyone as a collection.
Sony G. came to me at 21 weeks pregnant looking for a program that would provide her baby healthy and optimal food choices along with gaining healthy and normal Prenatal weight.
During her pregnancy, Sony sent me this message: “It’s crazy to think the week I started with you I weighed 145lbs and 10 weeks later, I weigh only 147.2lbs and I feel great! I know you told me it’s not about pounds and weight but I can’t help but feel in total control of my body, food, and fitness levels.
I know you love Pants Stories but, being pregnant, I have to share a winter coat story with you. LOL! I didn’t want to buy a maternity winter coat or a bigger winter coat to wear for only a few months of winter. When I started with you my TNA coat was TIGHT! But today, 10 weeks later, it still does up and actually fits much more comfortably. Again I feel in total control of the weight I put on during this pregnancy. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Now when next winter comes I can buy a new winter coat that fits me and not pregnant me.”
I’m so happy to report that this STRONG MOMMY gave birth to the handsome Xander (By the way…OMG I want to eat Xander up) and we kept her active, her muscles stimulated, and her body (and Xander’s) properly fuelled and hydrated.
I can’t wait to share more of this Beautiful Mommy’s story!


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