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TEAM STRONG GIRLS Biweekly Progress – Lise G.

Despite a small fracture in her wrist that will require surgery, that doesn’t stop Lise G. from staying on plan. I had to change up her training program for obvious reasons but she’s staying focused and committed to her goals…especially because we have an upcoming photo shoot in October. The bottom line is, nothing is deterring her from her goals!!!

She came to me a few months ago looking to tighten up and was unsure of why she was struggling with leaning out despite being extremely active with soccer, some light weight training, and quite a bit of cardio work. Our initial strategy was to move away from the cardio completely along and using much heavier resistance with her weights. We also had her eating substantially more food for the purpose of speeding up her metabolism and after a few short weeks, this STRONG GIRL was seeing a new version of herself.

To date we are down 21 lbs and have also shredded 5 inches off of her waist, 5 inches around her hips, and 6 inches around her thighs…and we’re still going strong! I can’t wait for her photo shoot!

Lise adds, “I’ve never looked so small or tight! I see so much muscle tone on me. I feel amazing and so many people are noticing too. Jenny I’m so excited and giggle every time I take out the measuring tape for my Biweekly Report and see the numbers going down.

Every time I put on an old pair of jeans, they zip up! Some times the jeans are just way too big. I’ve never looked or felt this good ever in my life. I always thought I knew what it meant to eat healthy but the STRONG GIRLS lifestyle has taught me so much!”

The pictures here are a little blurry and I’m going to have to get Lise to take higher resolution images but her progress to date is outstanding!!! I can’t wait to share her Success Story!


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