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TEAM STRONG GIRLS Biweekly Progress – Lana K.

Here’s some Friday Motivation as we head into Olympia weekend.

I’m so excited to share Lana K’s jaw dropping progress to date! She has currently dropped 20 lbs and shredded off 7 inches around her belly button and 3 inches around her hips. The best news is we are still going strong and tightening up like crazy as we prepare her for her debut on the IDFA stage in November.

Even better, her last few biweekly reports have been nothing short of flawless execution. When my STRONG GIRLS embrace the fitness lifestyle and become physique conscious, it makes me so proud knowing that our work together is more than just a physical transformation.

Lana came to me looking to lean out despite being incredibly active in sports, exercise, and is also a Fitness Instructor so as we began to dial everything in all of the wonderful muscle that she carries began to reveal itself. I can’t wait until we are showing off the final package on stage. She was even worried about losing some muscle. LOL! Love it!

This STRONG GIRL is going to rock the stage in November and we’re going to follow that up with her photo shoot. I cannot wait to show off more of her!



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