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Deb G says, “On my wedding day I wanted to not only look great but be confident that I was the best version of myself. In this sense I decided I wanted to make a change with how I was feeling on the inside in addition to how I looked physically on the outside.

Before TEAM STRONG GIRLS, I was basing the success of my workout on whether or not I was gaining weight or what I ate. I was always doing cardio and large amounts of it. Even worse I wasn’t seeing any results – my appearance wasn’t changing! With increased fatigue and feeling like my food just sat in my stomach I decided I needed some guidance.

I followed the strategy Coach JVB laid out for me and one thing I realized was I had more energy throughout my day! Over a few short months, I couldn’t believe the results and was so happy with how I looked on my wedding day.

I was happy to see my body change and I was proud of myself for not letting anyone stop me or change what I was doing. Even as a competitive national level athlete I never knew how much nutritional compliance played in shaping and building muscle. With everything all in place I couldn’t wait to marry my husband now that I was fit and healthy.

Thank you Jenny for helping me make the change to a healthier and stronger version of me!”


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