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STRONG MOMMY Biweekly Progress

With all of my new clients kicking butt on their programs with high compliance, I am so excited to be sharing their progress this week. My veteran girls have been such a huge source of inspiration and guidance that almost everyone is right on track.

One of the most common questions I receive in the biweekly reports is – “Am I getting a new program?”. Program updates depend on the individual and (most importantly) progress. When I design a program it is extremely thorough and detailed, made solely for the purpose of my client and their goals. The benefits from the program (and any program) manifest over time and through consistency.

That being said, I had to repost TEAM STRONG GIRLS Maud R’s awesome progress over her first 10 weeks…in which I didn’t change her program at all aside from opening up food flexibility in the form of FREE MEALS and PWO ice cream.

A great program is one that doesn’t have to be fiddled around with and by adhering to the plan thoroughly, results will always follow.


Changes. Changes. Changes. I love changes.

My beautiful STRONG MOM of 3 (3!!!) Maud M. came to me looking to transform her physique and tighten up. When I assessed her nutritional history, Maud was under eating regularly and relying on metabolic conditioning as her principal form of exercise.

We put together a strategy of increasing her calorie intake to speed up her metabolism, moved away from Metabolic Work and into more Weight Training for the purpose of shaping her body, and moved away from diet rigidity and into food flexibility. Her results – 20 lbs down on the scale, 6 inches off of her waist, 4 inches off of her hips, and one awesome Pants Story.

Maud says, “I Just donated over 10 pairs of pants to a charity because they were all too big!!! Yay! I went through my closet last week to see what capris/summer pants I had since the weather is getting warmer and I only have one that fit. The rest were all too big!! Love having that problem!”

Consistency is key!!!


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