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STRONG LIKE MOMMY Success Story – Andrea R.

I work with a wide array of different clients in different stages in their lives and one my most enjoyable (and certainly most rewarding) is my Prenatal and Postnatal work with my STRONG GIRLS so I was happy to begin work with the beautiful Andrea R. and her first pregnancy.

Andrea says, “When I first found out I was pregnant, I immediately signed on with, Coach JVB aka Jenny, my long time friend and world renowned wellness coach. Not being at my ideal weight pre-baby, I was nervous about overeating and gaining too much during my pregnancy. Jenny catered to my tired, changing body by making me a custom plan that was able to curb my cravings and keep my energy levels up. The fitness program was easy to follow and kept me feeling strong even on my weakest days. I gained a healthy 25 pounds during my pregnancy which I have been able to lose by following her post pregnancy regimen.

As a breast feeding mother, I was nervous about not being able to produce enough milk while following a diet but Jenny continued to keep me fuelled without having any effects on my milk supply. Over the past five months I have seen marked improvements in terms of strength, flexibility, body fat composition and energy levels. I can carry my 20 lb baby with ease – something that would have been impossible pre-plan!”

Look at Andrea light up the beaches of Miami in her sexy bikini!!! LOVE IT!

I cannot wait to share more of Andrea’s Prenatal and Postnatal journey because I’m so incredibly proud of this STRONG MOM and just want to eat up Baby Amaya! Eeeks!


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