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When it comes to Fat Loss, keep it simple…

When it comes to fat loss, the mental approach is just as important as the physical one because having your thoughts, your mind, and your overall being SIMPLY aligned with your goals is vital to not only GET into shape but to also continuously STAY in shape.

I have clients who work with me that are knowledgeable in the world of nutrition and also the science of training. Some are also familiar with different diets and dieting strategies. Many have also studied the works of countless Diet Coaches, Strength Specialists, Fitness Gurus, and Renowned Nutritionists. While some of this information is wonderful to know, because most professionals in the field have different approaches in achieving fat loss, it really won’t amount to much in one’s personal journey unless they are willing to commit their OWN MIND to their OWN GOALS.

Too much information can also become an obstacle because of continuous second guessing.

More often than not I find a client with a “lack of knowledge and a simple eagerness to change” a much better candidate to successfully see their program to fruition (and make it last long term) than one that continuously (i.e. obsessively) tries to figure out what is happening from a biological standpoint.

In almost all cases, a lack of “know how” is not the reason for achieving success. #KeepItSimple



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