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Because of one of my STRONG GIRLS, I can finally say…CELEBRITY TRAINER

Last night on iTunes, I managed to catch the 1st Episode of the 4th Season of SUITS. Such an amazing show!!!

More importantly, my gorgeous client Vlada V. made an appearance in the opening of the show. HOLY SIZZLING, SEXY, GORGEOUS HOT!!!

I am so proud to have worked with this STRONG GIRL to achieve her fitness goals and even prep her for this particular role. I jumped out of my couch when I saw her and I want to give her a big, gigantic hug right now because I can finally start putting the wheels in motion to say…”CELEBRITY TRAINER”!!! hehehehe

Vlada even sent me a text message telling me this is “OUR” body on the episode. While she was the one that put in all of the work, it still made me tear. Love this!!!

Myself, and the rest of your STRONG SISTERS, are beyond proud of your accomplishments and can’t wait to see even more of you!!!

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