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If you want to reach your dieting goals, you have to be COMPLIANT

I wrote blog attached below a few months ago and will probably refer back to this periodically so thought it was worth a repost.

When it comes to dieting and having a goal, adhering to your program is key along with putting aside behaviours and choices that no longer add value to your health.

While my person dieting ritual is a little extreme (which is why I rarely ever diet), it’s also incredibly short because there are absolutely no missteps.

For my clients, I like to focus on implementing as much reasonable lifestyle traits into a program as possible for the purpose of flexibility and I pride myself on the fact that my clients meet their goals and maintain their physiques long after their work with me is finished. But there is a clear distinction between “food flexibility” and “food abuse”.

If you’re not making progress with your program, chances are you’re abusing your FREE MEAL strategy or you’re simply not following your program at all.

A diet should be a temporary phase. Even though I’m an advocate of using as many calories and food options as possible to lower body fat percentages, dieting is still a phase.  

Be honest with yourself and give your program your full commitment and you’ll realize just how easy it is to transition your work into lifestyle.


Blog Post from February 2014:

Yesterday I posted a progress photo of my mid-section and received many wonderful compliments along with many inquiries on how I tightened up over the span of a few weeks.

Last month I decided to commit to a fitness project booked for February 24 and put together a program to lean out specifically for this by bringing calories down, bringing protein intake up, tapering down the volume of my training (but continuing to lift heavy), and adding additional cardio sessions into my schedule for 1 month. Pretty standard protocol for dieting prep.

While I’m a big believer in implementing lifestyle and flexibility, achieving an extremely dramatic change in your physique all boils down to how tight your diet truly is and how committed you are to your program. 90% compliance and implementing FREE MEAL strategy over a 3 month time frame will yield wonderful results and this is what I get my clients to aim for. This is a great balance between dieting and lifestyle.

For me – I’m on a time constraint and this project is extremely important so my compliance is 100% every day. Never wavering. My SHORT 30 day program really consisted of:

– Declined all invites for get togethers with friends and family
– Not celebrating my husband’s birthday
– No Super Bowl parties and stayed on plan for the game
– Brought my own food to my girlfriend’s birthday party
– No Valentine’s Day celebration
– Didn’t miss 1 meal
– Did not have any FREE MEALS
– No snacking
– No alcohol
– Did not miss 1 workout
– Brought my own food to my mom’s birthday celebration

While this my seem extreme for some, this is truly what is behind my training and dieting strategy. With my husband fully behind me, my personal (and professional) goals superseded anything and everything.

Dieting will never, ever be convenient and there will always be sacrifices. But the good news is dieting also isn’t “forever”.

The difference between achieving GOOD results and GREAT results all boils down to a person’s full compliance and commitment to their goals.

Are you fully committed? Or ‘sorta’ committed?

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My name Jennifer Van Barneveld-Pe and this is a collection of my experiences through blogging on balancing the life of a Fitness Expert/Nutritionist and brand new Mommy.

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