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If you Talk The Talk, you better be able to Walk The Walk too…

I receive many public and private messages from strangers telling me how inspired they are by all of my STRONG GIRLS and the work they put forth not only into their bodies but also into their lifestyle. It is such a wonderful feeling to share my knowledge and experience with my clients and to have my clients share their experience with others.

When it comes to my Contest Team, I’m also frequently asked when MY next show is. For the record, I’ve never competed nor do I have any plans to. I relish being behind the scenes and in front of the stage cheering my girls on during their big day followed by capturing their images to share their story. I’m also blessed to have a busy business to manage thus making it impossible for me to dedicate the time to a full contest prep of my own. My team has established a level of excellence through commitment of time, dedication to their goals, and some personal sacrifice and, at this point, I would never trade the attention I devote to my team nor would I half-ass it because I would have to live up to THEIR standards and I just wouldn’t be able to.

But I also wouldn’t be much of a Physique Coach (training and nutrition strategy) if I couldn’t provide an extra set of eyes on all of the finer details that go into Contest Prep such as my opinion on hair, make-up, competition suit, tanning, posing, teeth whitener, jewellery, and stage presence if I couldn’t do it myself albeit to a much lesser degree.

So with a tiny bit of posing practice courtesy of the awesome Nkechi Nwafor-Robinson (IFBB Pro), competition bikini courtesy of Colleen McConnell of the Crystal Suit, hair and make-up by the amazing Lori Fabrizio of Two Chicks and some Lipstick, and photos shot by the incredible Arthur Arsenik of Arsenik Studios Inc. this “Bikini Competition Style photo” is my commitment to my team by getting down and dirty with them too.


Photo Credit: Arthur Arsenik
Hair/Make-Up: Lori Fabrizio

Competition Bikini: Colleen McConnell – The Crystal Suit

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