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I want to send a GINORMOUS (is this a word?) THANK YOU to Under Armour for not only sending me my favourite care packages in the mail for my various Fitness Projects (seriously I can never get used to this) but for also coming to the rescue for my personal requests.

Earlier this year an old colleague and good friend of mine (Sean) reached out to me hoping I would be able to donate some of my older UA clothes for a friend in need. My friend’s friend (Julie) was the unfortunate victim of a house fire on January 4 in Orangeville, ON losing all of their family belongs. Thankfully nobody was hurt. Rather than donate my old clothes, I kindly asked my Under Armour team for a number of items to help out and also because Julie was a fan of the brand…and they delivered for me.

Julie says, “I wanted to thank you for your generosity and kindness. The clothes you gave Sean to pass along to me all fit perfect (in truth I had to have the pants hemmed since I’m a shorty) but now fit perfect.

I am starting to get back into working out and will put the clothes to good use. I have been blessed with people in my life like Sean that found opportunities to demonstrate the incredible kindness that is out there. My family is safe and healthy and ‘the stuff’ can be replaced. What we will certainly take from this is the friends and even strangers that are there for you when tragedy hits. Once again thank you for being someone who generously gave to someone you don’t know. I appreciate it very much and will get plenty of use from it.”

There are not enough ‘Thank Yous’ that I can express to Under Armour. So proud to be part of this team.



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