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TEAM STRONG ATHLETE Success Story – Tyler J.

Abs. Gotta love them.

I had the pleasure of working with my dear friend Tyler J. over the last few months and am so proud of the work we’ve done. Tyler is a CrossFit athlete who originally came to me looking to put on muscle. He was eating excessive amounts of calories causing heavy bloating and just all around being uncomfortable.

Muscle is a game of time. In fact, I can’t think of a process that requires more patience than muscle building. My work with Tyler was about pulling things back into a place where fitness was fun and also about learning rather than eating himself silly. A few months ago, his beautiful wife took up her hand in competing in her first Bikini show and Tyler transitioned from CrossFit to primarily Resistance Training so I took this as an opportune time to put together a strategy that did not have such a high energy expenditure by limiting his metabolic output…and lifting some really heavy weights.

Based on the photos, I would say our time together was well spent. Woot woot! Look at how full he looks and, even better, look at those abs! Interestingly enough, Tyler is about 20 lbs lighter in the After Picture despite looking incredibly larger than his Before Picture!

After a few months of Resistance Training, Tyler’s new strategy is mixing CrossFit with some heavy lifting…but the most important thing is both him and Coraleigh are enjoying what they do which is what I highly encourage! Most importunity he’s not so fixated on weight gain and training/eating doesn’t feel like a job. What makes me more proud is he understands that fitness goals come in phases.

Tyler says, “We can’t thank you enough for all the awesome things you’ve done for us and that you’ve taught us. It’s knowledge that we can always use and now we know what works for us and that it’s the correct way. I definitely have a new outlook from this experience and feel I will be able to enjoy it even more rather than stressing myself about gains or what is the right thing to eat.”

I’m so happy Tyler also learned how carbs affect the body because he actually took his after photo after eating a whole pizza. Can’t wait to share more of his photos!!!



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