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TEAM STRONG GIRLS Success Story – Colleen B.


I’m very excited to share half of Colleen B’s journey who came to me last December looking to lean out and to also compete in her first Bikini contest so when I heard from her, I was beyond excited to get to work. I actually worked with Colleen a few years ago and always admired her physique because this STRONG MOM (yes MOM!) carries a lot of lean, sexy muscle.

We are still in the process of getting her up on stage but we’re working through a nagging back issue which is preventing us from maximizing Squat and Deadlift movements but, nonetheless, that didn’t stop us from proceeding to get her contest ready because she looks drop dead gorgeous!!! We put together a strategy to bring up some key areas critical for the stage through a building stage of higher volume training for specific body parts and higher calories followed by a few weeks of reduced calories and higher metabolic output.

The results thus far – JAW DROPPING GORGEOUS! Look at that physique – the mid-section, the arms, her back is insane and her bottom half has leaned out tremendously!

Despite looking contest ready, I’m such a big believer in bringing out Colleen’s true physique that I pushed her show back slightly so we can give her prep 100% especially because we were very precautionary on the top 2 movements for shaping one’s body. With some minor adjustments and treatment for her back, I am incredibly eager to get this girl on stage because she has all the tools to make a gigantic splash on stage – STRONG GIRLS style!



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