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TEAM STRONG GIRLS Success Story – Coraleigh J.

I’m so proud to have been a part of my client Coraleigh J’s transformation. She came to me almost 1 year ago looking for a nutrition strategy to help her lean out and to also fuel her intense CrossFit training.

Hailing from the Seattle area, I was fortunate enough to meet her last year on a trip to the West Coast. We captured wonderful photos the first time around along and she showed me that she wasn’t just a gorgeous face but she was also a terror in the gym! When I suggested competing in an NPC Bikini show this STRONG GIRL was on board so we devised a longer term strategy to get her ready for her debut on the stage.

Already in great shape when we started together, our total numbers were still awesome with 15 lbs lost along with dropping 4 inches off of her thighs, 3 inches around her waist, and 3 inches around her hips. More important than the numbers, this is one incredible transformation both from a physical standpoint and also a personal growth standpoint.

Coraleigh says, “Contacting you last year was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! Your incredible knowledge and experience coupled with the caring personal attention and uplifting support whenever it was needed, it is really what sets you apart from other coaches.

First repairing my metabolism (from bad dieting), then helping me lose my super stubborn fat while amazingly still feeling powered for my workouts, and finally prepping for and competing in my first NPC show…quite a year!

You have taught me so much about how to nourish and strengthen myself that I now no longer feel the frustration and powerlessness over how my body looks and performs. I have gained so much happiness and confidence just in knowing that I have the power and knowledge at any time to change my physique however I wish. You have empowered me with the tools for continued success.”

I’m so proud of you Coraleigh! Not only are you such a joy to be around, you are also an inspiration to many. Thank you for choosing me as your coach and allowing me to take part in your journey.



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