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TEAM STRONG GIRLS Success Story – Melissa Z.


In January, my client Melissa Z. came to me looking to loose some weight and tighten up after giving birth to her beautiful daughter Evangeline last September. This avid CrossFit athlete needed a nutrition strategy to not only achieve her goals but to keep her properly fuelled for her intense workouts and based on these images, I would say “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED” and “who is this FITNESS MODEL?”.

Boasting a weight loss more than 30 plus lbs along, Melissa also shredded 6 inches from her hips, 5 inches around her waist, and more than 10 inches off of her thighs, this STRONG MOM’S transformation is nothing short of mind-blowing and, best of all, she did this in just a little over 3 months.

Melissa says, “I absolutely love the way I feel because this journey has been as emotional as it has been physical. Shopping for clothes is no longer torture and my confidence is soaring! I never dreamed I would fit into a size 8 again let alone the size 6 that I am now!

All of my ‘never thought possible’ is a reality now to your superb coaching and my steely resolve to adhere to the program! What I thought of as my skinny clothes prior to starting the program are now my ‘feeling fat’ clothes. I’ve decided we need to take a trip someplace warm just so I can wear my new bikini! you coach JVB!!! The best part about this is now I have the tools set to maintain what I have achieved and the ability to balance a clean diet in the right amounts with enjoying life (i.e. those salt and vinegar chips)!”

What an honour to have coached her. This is only one of many electrifying photos I have of this beautiful STRONG GIRL and I can’t wait to share more of her story.

Amazing work Melissa! So inspiring!!!



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