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TEAM STRONG GIRLS Success Story – Coraleigh J.

Since we’re still in Victoria, BC working off of a laptop, hubby is limited with regards to downloading all of the images that we captured this weekend but he did manage to get this photo of Coraleigh J. ready for me and WOW!!!

Fresh from her very first Bikini Competition at the NPC Emerald Cup, she looked spectacular! We went up against some of the best amateur NPC competitors and teams across the country and she shined!!! That being said, there was no way I wasn’t flying down for this and capture her incredible transformation by setting up a photo shoot for her the following day. This photo is one of many stunning images that hubby captured the day after her show.

I also took this from her page:

Coraleigh says, “I’m finally winding down now from an AMAZING and crazy weekend that was 4 months in the making. When I first started this adventure (this personal challenge to try something so completely outside of my comfort zone, and take on THE biggest amateur Bikini bodybuilding competition show in the world) I was mainly inspired by other ladies whom I had seen compete before. I admired their confidence, commitment, and dedication. Now at the end of this, I find that I am overwhelmingly inspired rather by all of the INCREDIBLE people in my life who supported me so completely, wholeheartedly and without judgement; even though I have been the most boring friend with a picky diet and weird gym-filled social calendar ever, haha.

To the most supportive husband on the planet, Tyler, I love you always (even on low carb days ;-)), and THANK YOU! To the best and most patient coaches a girl could have, Jennifer and Mark, THANK YOU! To my entire JVB Strong Girls/Athlete Team, who all lifted me up with such encouraging words every day from afar, THANK YOU!

I ended up only placing 13th out of 22 girls, but I am ok with that. I just feel proud to have accomplished something that felt so alien and impossible to me so few months ago. I’ve gained new friends, new strength and confidence, and I believe that I’ve grown as a person through the experience, which I believe is what life should be all about.”

While I felt her physique was certainly worthy of a much higher placing, there is so much more to competing than that and Coraleigh makes me so proud because she resonates all the positivity of someone that committed to a goal, saw it through to completion, and executed her program at the highest level of excellence – STRONG GIRLS STYLE!

I am blessed to work with so many individuals that inspire me to be a better coach, day in and day out.

Love you Coraleigh!!! 🙂



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