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Your Coach is your biggest supporter…talk to them and do it often

In my experience one of the biggest reasons for not succeeding on a diet is thorough communication between client and coach, therefore, resulting in reverting back to old behaviours that are no longer useful. Having a coach means you’re a TEAM and allows you to ask questions to utilize their experience to help you succeed.

Many of us have proven time and time again that we can follow a program for 2 (or even 4) weeks with minimal struggle. The strategy I design is straight forward and very meticulous in detail so while this can be an extremely easy read, it certainly doesn’t mean our schedules will abide to our plan. What it comes down to is life will always get in the way. Whether it’s family, work, holidays, events, or emergencies there will always be something that comes up over the span of your diet.

When something arises that is out of our control causing us to temporarily fall off track, the best course of action is to get right right back on plan and to better prepare for these situations in the future. Most importantly COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR COACH and let them know of the roadblocks that prevent you from being compliant because a seasoned coach has seen it all before.

For example my STRONG GIRLS Success Stories wasn’t the result of me putting together an ultra secret strategy and having my clients execute it flawlessly. It was the result of open dialogue to better allow me to come up with personalized strategies to execute their plan amidst their schedules and, more importantly, through their struggles.

We will all have our own challenges on a diet. Your coach should not only be able to diagram a blueprint for weight loss but should also be able to provide you the tools to navigate your diet through the obstacles of your life and to use these tools to transition the work you’ve done together as lifestyle.

If I were to pick the most common trait of a client that did not succeed on their program it’s because of lack of communication. Not utilizing your coach is no different than following a generic diet…and those don’t work.


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