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Dieting can be a lonely road but don’t ever give up!

One of my clients asked me a question the other day. She has been doing such a wonderful job staying on plan but struggles around the food choices from her husband and 3 children. For the record, her progress is nothing short of extraordinary and I can’t wait to share her pictures but I wanted to share my reply to her:

“While it’s no doubt the dieting process can be exponentially easier with our spouses joining in on all the fun, unfortunately, we’re usually travelling this road alone when it comes to home life and we can’t expect our family to embark on the same path or follow the same rules because everyone’s goals are different.

Even though it may seem like you’re standing alone at home, the best thing we can do is set an example of better health. Nothing convinces people more than seeing a complete change, not only physically, but psychologically and emotionally.

We can’t convince others to change their lifestyle or the food choices that they make and it certainly feel very lonely in the beginning. The one thing I can guarantee is if you make the journey a graceful one, it will also be an inspirational one to everyone around you. Will they follow suit? Possibly…but it has to be their choice and on their time.

Keep your resolve strong and don’t waver on your goals. The good news is, everything is happening as it should because challenges are part of the process and will come from everywhere. When it comes to your diet, just do your best to focus on YOU.”

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