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Lose Weight Fast!!!

That title was extremely misleading. I actually detest (and cringe) reading headings like that because it gets the attention of so many people for all the wrong reasons.

When it comes to dieting and fat loss, everyone seems to always want to rush the process along. In baseball terms, everyone is always trying to hit a home run during the first couple of weeks and it’s being stuck in this mindset where everyone invariably fails.

Fat loss is a biological process that begins with giving the body less calories than it needs to maintain body weight. To me, a great strategy to achieve this is structuring and calculating food to meet these goals, adding weight training exercises for the purpose of maintaining lean muscle, and adding some cardiovascular work to create a bigger caloric imbalance. By adhering to these protocols, the body will utilize existing fat stores to fuel day-to-day activities (because calorie intake is lowered) resulting in progressively less body fat over time. Most importantly, the strategy and approach has to be realistic enough to fit into your lifestyle which is why aggressive dieting practices never work when it comes to long term.

While a handful of individuals are lucky to experience quick progress, most people are going to experience slower. The one thing I want to make clear is slower progress is still progress and, by properly adhering to a good strategy, will still yield fantastic and long lasting results which should really be the overall goal.

When fat loss becomes a race against time then the odds of failing are exponentially high because it will never, ever come fast enough for anyone. Further to this, when one focuses entirely on weight loss (rather than fat loss) then this, too, is a losing battle because we can’t control how much we inevitably weigh.

A truly successful diet is one that not only achieves a profound transformation but it is also of dire importance to change behaviours that no longer work. Habits never change over night which is why fat loss (to me) is better defined as a journey to a better fitness lifestyle.

Whether its dieting or in life, slow and steady always wins the race.

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