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Are you Exercising or Training?

I receive many client inquiries from individuals desperate for change in their body. The surprising thing is most of these individuals workout very hard but are frustrated due to the lack of results especially for the amount of time theydedicate to their fitness activities. If there’s one thing I can pinpoint with these particular clients is there never really is concrete plan in place or a program to follow. When I put together a program it is for the sole purpose of training for a particular goal. In contrast, almost all active individuals that spin their wheels making no progress simply go into the gym and randomly exercise. On that note, there is a key difference between exercising and actually training for something.

When I set up a training program for a new client, it’s almost, always automatic when they ask me after the first or second check-in, “am I getting a new training program?”. For the purpose of changing a person’s physique, a great plan is one that isn’t updated regularly but rather followed through until progress comes to a halt because their body has fully adapted to the workouts. The vast majority of people that struggle with making any type of physical progress is because they’re always changing up their programs before anything has even happened and never allowing their body to fully adapt to the training. In the coaching circles, this is commonly referred to as “Training ADD”. I will never give a person a random set of workouts simply due to boredom because, quite frankly, this doesn’t work. It’s also cheaper to buy a monthly fitness magazine to try random workouts.

The program design I put together for a client is strategized for the sole purpose of getting said person from Point A to Point B through the continuous repetition of utilizing, tearing down, and repair of muscle fibres (i.e. similar to memorization for a test or an exam). In most cases, the initial 4-6 weeks of a program (sometimes 8 weeks) is designed to increase Conditioning. Once this phase is mastered, the body progresses and is now able to handle different training protocols (heavier weights, more reps, more sets, etc.) with a focus on Hypertrophy (GROWTH). Again we continue on this phase until we progress to handle more and more complex forms of training.

Consistency with a program is the key to getting better, stronger, and leaner. An effective workout is one that fits into the context of your overall plan. Again this is the key difference between simply performing random exercises and actually training for something 🙂

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