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When are you going to compete?

I’m often asked “when are you going to compete?” and it never ceases to bring out a big smile from my face. When I see someone in great shape, I always wonder if they compete or if they’ve ever thought about it? It’s a testament to one’s commitment in the gym, to their diet, and to their body.

But alas, I love COACHING. I truly do. When I see one of my clients on stage, I always think back to our very first conversation and the journey we took together. Watching someone physically transform is one thing. Bearing witness to a person transform from a self esteem, confidence, and goal setting standpoint is something on a completely different level of appreciation. Being a part of a person’s full metamorphosis (whether it is Contest Prep or traditional dieting) is a truly blessed experience for me and one that will always give me butterflies.

When it comes to competing on stage, I’ll leave that to my team. Nothing makes me happier than being back stage 🙂


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