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To bring out your abs…DON’T TRAIN YOUR ABS

With all of the research out there, it’s still astonishing to hear people recommend countless ab exercises, stomach crunches, or sit ups for lean and flatter stomach. For most people, the biggest problem is the subcutaneous fat that sits on top of the mid-section area and the only way to tap into that is through diet. Strategizing your food intake as a calorie deficit forces your body to utilize this “stored energy” to fuel your daily activities. There is no magic exercise that will trim away your body fat. If you’re looking for even more proof, a study done in Southern Illinois University by the Department of Kinesiology and Health Education took 24 healthy individuals (14 men and 10 women) between ages 18-40 and split them up into 2 groups: The first group did 7 different ab exercises for 2 sets of 10 reps, 5 days per week for 6 weeks. The second group did NOTHING. Both groups maintained the same diet throughout the trial period. After 6 weeks, there was absolutely no significant effect of abdominal exercises on body weight, body fat percentage, abdominal circumference, android fat percentage, android fat (body fat around trunk and upper body), abdominal skinfold and suprailiac skinfold measurements. The only difference between the 2 groups was the ab training group had better ab-exercise stamina. The next time you read a fitness magazine article on ab training or when someone at the gym tells you that excessive ab training will tighten your mid-section by reducing your body fat, it’s only ‘Bro Science’. With all of the information available there’s no excuse not to know this and at this rate, it’s starting to become ‘D’oh Science’. Focus on your abs to detail your mid-section AFTER the body fat is eliminated. A tight body begins with a tight diet.

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