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Options, options, options.

When it comes to fat loss, the more options that you have available to you the better your chances of seeing your weight loss goals to fruition.

For workouts, a training session at home with limited equipment can profoundly trigger fat loss. Body weight training is fast and efficient. I use body weight training often and recommend it to many clients. I find the results highly effective especially if a client has been sedentary for a number of months. However, once a higher level of conditioning is achieved, having a wide variety of equipment options will allow you to train different body parts and muscle groups using an unlimited amount of weight resulting in better gains.

When it comes to nutrition, having an unlimited option of food sources to work with makes the fat loss process much easier to strategize versus a diet that is restrictive in food groups. Losing the ability to manipulate Protein sources and/or Carbohydrate sources makes diet planning extremely challenging.

The one constant with fat loss is it isn’t constant and requires manipulation and strategizing when things slow down…because eventually it always will. Diet manipulation is about “add here” and “reducing there”. Taking out a key component such as 1 whole macronutrient reduces the options available to make changes and greatly reduces the chances of progressing. Simply put, the equation will be off.

Paleo, Vegetarian, Vegan, or “I just don’t eat this type of food” greatly reduces the ability to make changes in a diet. I firmly believe goals dictate the way a person should eat. If it’s dieting or building, nothing beats getting higher protein from animal sources. If a person is sick or ill (or when I’m coming off a lengthy building/dieting phase), I believe in a Vegetarian style of approach for a short period of time. When it comes to maintenance, I like a bit of Paleo because there is a bit of balance. If I’m just looking to satisfy a craving, pass me my Salt and Vinegar chips, a burrito, or a juicy burger.

The bottom line is I’m not restrictive to what I eat and when. It’s all about goals and your current situation. I also don’t think there is “1 Perfect Way to Eat”. It depends on your goals. Sometimes it also depends on your mood (but I exercise portion responsibility with that).

To be clear, I’m NOT opposed to any style of eating but when it comes to specific goals such as fat loss or athletic performance, more options make strategizing EASIER!!!

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