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TEAM STRONG GIRLS biweekly progress

Tight, tight, tight. That’s the name of the game for TEAM STRONG GIRLS Cher D. 

As a fitness fanatic and avid runner, Cher’s conditioning is through the roof but she came to me looking to get tighter and build some muscle. By strategizing a new training regimen consisting of exponentially MORE FOOD and LESS WORKOUTS focused specifically on Resistance Training, we are making huge progress – look at those sexy abs!

One of the things that this STRONG GIRL was concerned about was a strategy of less training so we had to move her out of her comfort zone of aerobic work and into anaerobic training. By focusing on strength, power, and the exertion of maximum intensity, we are transforming Cher’s physique! After this phase, her performance is going to improve by leaps and bounds because of her increase in muscle tissue, conditioning, and strength.

I get so excited reviewing her check-ins that I can’t wait until I reveal her full transformation photos!!! I’m so proud of this STRONG GIRL!

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My name Jennifer Van Barneveld-Pe and this is a collection of my experiences through blogging on balancing the life of a Fitness Expert/Nutritionist and brand new Mommy.

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