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One of the things that I encourage my clients to rely on with regards to their dieting progress is the mirror. Too often people default to the scale and while the scale is a wonderful indicator of weight loss, there comes a time when the scale is no longer an effective tool in measuring our progress.

After losing an incredible 17 lbs, TEAM STRONG GIRLS Gail R. relied on the mirror more and more (and the scale less and less) to tell her that the program was still working. Despite the fact the scale movement was slowing down upon every check-in, her measurements were getting smaller and her physique was getting tighter. She lost more than 6 inches around her belly button and it shows!!!

The scale is very, very helpful in telling us part of the fat loss story but, to me, the mirror is a far more superior way to gauge your fitness progress.

“Aim to be TIGHTER. Not lighter.”


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My name Jennifer Van Barneveld-Pe and this is a collection of my experiences through blogging on balancing the life of a Fitness Expert/Nutritionist and brand new Mommy.

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