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TEAM STRONG GIRLS Success Story – Gail R.

What better way than to head into Monday with some motivation from an incredible STRONG GIRLS story? I’m so proud of my client, Gail R. (age 30, Corporate Event Planner), and her outstanding transformation.

Aside from some pretty crazy numbers, the most important aspect of Gail’s transformation is her new lifestyle. I’m so proud of the way she is able to navigate herself through social situations and responsibly portion control her food. She continued to get tighter even though her demanding career often superseded her schedule. Not only were the physical changes evident but her overall attitude was something I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing in her biweekly reports along with her awesome workout videos on Instagram (I love when the program becomes a lifestyle)!

With over 12 lbs lost (that’s enormous for her because she is only 5′ 1/2 tall) and a total of 5 inches lost around her waist, 4 inches from her thighs, and 3 inches around her hip, this STRONG GIRL feels like a completely brand new person.

Gail says, “I’m so overjoyed with at the changes when I look in the mirror. A few weeks ago I attended a wedding all my friends noticed my new physique and kept commenting on how great I looked. I was so flattered with the compliments and really proud of all the work I put into this. This is a new lifestyle for me! The only problem I have is I keep having to buy new jeans.”

I am so proud of the work Gail and I did together because she looks incredible! I can’t wait to show off more of her images this week. 

– sorry I still don’t have a solution for jeans eventually being too big 😦



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