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TEAM STRONG GIRLS biweekly progress

A few months ago my client Janine H. came to me with a goal of tightening up and we certainly did that. With a handful of Team Strong Girls challenging themselves even farther by deciding to compete on stage, Janine decided to join in on the fun.

Since that day, Janine has been focused and nothing has been able to stand in her way. Her physique is coming together (look at those abs!) and I was blown away by her posing and stage presence! This girl showed some serious SWAG and is ready to rock the stage! Everything is coming together and I am most happy that she sees it in herself and also believes.

Janine says, “I definitely feel leaner and all of my old pants are fitting. I’m also really pushing myself with all of my workouts and, while I’m still really nervous, I’m starting to have a lot of fun and for the first time in years I’m feeling like my old self. I feel like my self-confidence is growing and starting to soar.”

I just went over Janine’s biweekly reports and am so happy to see, not only the physical change, but also her self-confidence transform. I cannot wait to see this STRONG GIRL hit that OPA stage in October and put on a show!


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