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Are you Eating Clean or Eating Correctly?

The topic of “eating clean for fat loss” always seems to come up. Yes if you eat clean (and by that I mean 100% quality food choices and also consistently for a lengthy period of time), fat loss can be a byproduct of your food selection.

However this is a really blind approach to achieving long lasting and successful fat loss. I can say first hand, I’ve fielded COUNTLESS inquiries from people saying “I eat clean but I just can’t seem to lose the weight”.I want to clarify “eating clean” doesn’t mean eating CORRECTLY when it comes to fat loss. To me, it just means you’re eating quality food sources.Further to this, in dissecting many of these messages “eating clean” also means a heck of a lot of different things to a whole lot of people. In fact, I’ve rarely found it to mean the same thing for the average person.Eating kale twice a week but eating pizza, ice cream, french fries, fried chicken, cake, and so on a numerous amount of times per week is NOT eating clean. For arguments sakes, let’s say a person does eat “clean” and chooses a variety of organic vegetables, organic fruits, hormone free chicken, grass fed meats, high quality wild fish, etc. but still can’t lose weight or lose the amount of fat that they are hoping for. What’s the problem here?

For starters how do you know you’re not overeating your “clean” food choices? By simply choosing quality food sources, there is still no way to measure it in a quantitative manner. What about macros? How do you know if you’re eating enough protein sources? What about training output? That equation also comes into play. And then we can dig deeper to glycogen (carbs) replenishment. What about fats? This, too, is vital when it comes to hair, skin, neurological function and, YES, YOU NEED FATS FOR FAT LOSS.

In a perfect world, having an abundance of quality food sources COMBINED with calculated food measurements based on your present weight, your goals, your activity levels, and your dieting history is still the best (and most accurate) way to trigger fat loss.

So in a nutshell, by eating the RIGHT FOODS (in the CORRECT AMOUNTS) and combining it with EFFECTIVE and EFFICIENT WORKOUTS, you will be on your way to a tighter body.



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