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When it comes to dieting, there are 2 types of people…

Almost everyone has fallen off track from a diet. Even some of the women with the most gorgeous physiques that you see online with the most amazing inspirational quotes (yes them). Even top level athletes. Even coaches. Me included.

Yes we’ve succumbed to grabbing a cookie when we shouldn’t have. Yes we all decided to eat a little more than what was originally planned. Yes we decided to take a momentary break from our structured program to indulge in something else. These definitive moments are almost the deciding factor in SUCCESS or FAILURE when it comes to dieting. I like to refer to it as the “fork in the road” when a person is on a plan because it’s decision time!

Person #1 says – Ugh! I can’t believe I ate that. I’m going to get back on plan, not feel guilty about this, and move on and kick butt.


Person #2 says – Ugh! I can’t believe I ate that. I’m just going to try and diet again some other time when it’s convenient. Please pass the ice cream…

Person #2 is usually stuck in the same pattern following the same type of redundant behaviours over and over (and over) again while Person #1 approaches each obstacle as an opportunity to learn from their mistakes and builds a solid foundation positive and healthy behaviours.

So when you’re stuck in front of that “fork in the road” again, put the fork down, stop indulging with food, and tell OLD YOU to stop the extra eating, get back on plan, and focus on the NEW YOU in YOUR NEW BODY.

Which person do you want to be?

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