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Team Strong Girls client progress

I’m so happy I got to watch my client, Nicole Barbosa, absolutely kick some butt at the 2013 Sweat Rx Championships last weekend. Her team finished 2nd and she hit a new POWER CLEAN PERSONAL RECORD that day! I’m such a happy coach 

Nicole came to me to lose body fat so I strategized a nutrition program to not only achieve her goals but to also fuel her intense (4-5x per week) and unpredictable WOD training regimen as a CrossFit athlete.

In 6 short weeks, Nicole is down 9 lbs. She has also lost 3 inches off of her hips, 2 inches around her waist, and 2 inches around her thighs. She is feeling STRONGER and HEALTHIER with every biweekly check-in. AND THE BIGGEST SURPRISE FOR HER – LOOK AT THOSE ABS!!!

With consistent and strategized carbohydrate refeeds after her workouts (yes lots and lots of carbs), consuming cleaner food sources, eliminating sugar, and enjoying 1-2 FREE MEALS of her own choice (yes cheat meals!) per week.

Nicole says she is “feeling great and hitting PRs on a lot of her CrossFit lifts!” 

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