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Let’s Beat Cancer!!!

Client Update – Jacqueline Javier

Halfway through and I cannot express how happy I am with Jacqueline Javier’s progress. We are down 18 lbs (130 lbs to 112 lbs), 8 inches off of her thighs, 5 inches off of her waist, and 3 inches off of her hips. We’re still going strong!!! LOOK AT THE DIFFERENCE IN PANTS SIZE!!!

Despite an ankle fracture that is limiting training, her diet is on point and is still making unbelievable progress with CLEAN, HIGH QUALITY, AND MEASURED EATING. While on vacation she is receiving non-stop compliments on how fantastic (and OH SO TINY) she looks! People cannot (I can’t either) believe she is 51 years old and looking as beautiful and vibrant as she does!

Despite all of this, the most wonderful news is JACQUELINE IS NOT FEELING THE EFFECTS OF HER CANCER MEDICATION!

Jackie says, “As a cancer survivor and taking meds for the next 4 years, I decided to do things for me and pursue things that I thought was impossible. And here I am excited with the changes I’m seeing and feeling. One thing I’m so happy about is is that I’m not feeling the side effects of the cancer medication – no headaches, no body aches, and no weight gain! I’m beating it! Yay!”

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My name Jennifer Van Barneveld-Pe and this is a collection of my experiences through blogging on balancing the life of a Fitness Expert/Nutritionist and brand new Mommy.

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  1. Jacqueline Javier says

    Love it Jenny!!!! I’m getting so many compliments and all I can think of is you, my coach Jenny! Someone who approached me this weekend asked me for your info because she’s been going to the gym at least 6 days/week and working with a personal trainer but has seen no results. She’s very frustrated and wants help, so I gave shared your info to Brenda Crawford. She’s our grant writer for our foundation and she was one of the 29 volunteers of the Philippines Medical Mission. She saw how I was before the trip and she was shocked to see me last Saturday!! So, if she’s really determined like me, she should be contacting you soon.

    I’ll be getting rid of this boot end of the week and will be using a lace-up ankle brace and getting rid of the crutches and wheelchair (at work). I started PT and I do the 5 mobility exercises 2x/day and my ankle is feeling better. I’m moving my ankle now and I’m able to walk small steps with a limp so I should be walking soon!!!!!! I just have to be able to drive my car so I can start going back to the gym (my car is manual!!!). I’m so excited to get back to my routine and work on these muscles, especially my left leg. I notice muscle atrophy already but I’m not worried- I have you to guide me back!!!

    All I’ve been doing is following the nutrition plan you gave all month and have been doing well! I’ve done the upper body exercises at home but it doesn’t compare to working out in the gym! It’s okey- I’ll be ready to work out hard soon!!!! Get ready for me Jenny!!!!!! ha! ha! ha! I’m so motivated and can’t wait to get back to our routine so I can be leaner and stronger.

    Gil said to me during the photo shoot, “I can’t wait to see those abs in a few months!!” He’s so proud of me. and I feel good about it!! Hanging out with Team California was so motivating and inspirational! I’m so proud of Gil and Jackie and will be in touch with them!

    God Bless, JJ

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