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TEAM JVB SUCCESS STORY – Arlene John-Baptiste

TEAM JVB SUCCESS STORY – Arlene John-Baptiste

Look at that waist!!! I am so proud to share my client Arlene John-Baptiste’s (age 40, Mother of 2, Office Administrator) transformation. She looks so beautiful! Being a fitness fanatic herself, she approached me a few months ago to take her fitness levels to a whole new level.

Arlene says, “I decided to do this program as my 40th birthday day goal. Not only did I want to soar into my 40s feeling strong and looking fit, I wanted to see if I had it in me to take it up a notch. I have tried to live a healthy lifestyle and attempted different workouts for many years, which was great, but I just felt like I was never getting the results I thought I should have had by now. After the first 2 weeks, I was so surprised the scale moved in such a short time. After years of working out, the scale just would not budge. I couldn’t believe it!”

After 12 weeks, Arlene certainly did transform! Losing a total of 16 lbs, she also lost 4 inches around her waist, 3 inches around her hips, 4 inches around her thighs, and 3 inches around her arms.

Arlene adds, “Even though everything was online, I still felt like Coach JVB was right there with me. I, honestly, preferred it this way as I had no time to meet anyone. The best part was the workouts as I did everything from home. No gym membership required. Just a couple of free weights, a skipping rope, and a stability ball turned out to be killer workouts!”

She truly epitomizes what can be achieved with consistency and dedication. No fancy supplements or gimmicks. It was just a fitness and nutrition plan that was customized for her and her goals.

Go Arlene! I’m so proud to have you as part of TEAM JVB!


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My name Jennifer Van Barneveld-Pe and this is a collection of my experiences through blogging on balancing the life of a Fitness Expert/Nutritionist and brand new Mommy.

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