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Diet is the key to weight loss. Working out is secondary.

One of the most common things I initially hear from my female clients that have weight loss as their principal goal is, “When I first started working out I lost 10-15 lbs right away but now I’ve been stuck for months and can’t lose any more weight but I’m still working out regularly…”

My following response is what does your diet/nutrition plan look like?

“I eat clean.”

Eating clean is great but that’s the mistake with the mentality of ‘quality vs quantity’. Your nutrition plan must be calculated to a caloric deficit to continue weight loss. Starting a new training program will also initiate weight loss but, eventually, your body will adapt to it and if your calorie intake is stable your weight will be too.

Diet is the key to weight loss. Training is secondary and should work synergistically with your nutrition plan.


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My name Jennifer Van Barneveld-Pe and this is a collection of my experiences through blogging on balancing the life of a Fitness Expert/Nutritionist and brand new Mommy.

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