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Coach JVB goes one-on-one with 2012 IDFA Novice Fitness Tall Division winner – Jill Pasma

A couple weeks ago I attended the 2012 IDFA World Championships to support my client JP Castillo and some other friends competing at this show. The IDFA President, Shaun Campbell, was kind enough to grant Strong-Athlete some media passes to capture all the amazing action where my team met so many other great competitors.

One standout was the beautiful Jill Pasma, winner of the Novice Fitness Tall Division, who just narrowly missed winning the overall Fitness Division. Being so new in the industry, we had to get an interview with her because she is definitely one of the rising stars in fitness and we expect her to be winning a few more shows in the near future.

1) Coach JVB: Jill, you won your class at the 2012 IDFA show. What did it feel like when you were announced the winner?

Jill Pasma: The emotions I felt when they called my name last, are both hard to describe and very overwhelming. It honestly didn’t sink in that I had won until the day after when I sat at my kitchen table with my partner. Tears came to my eyes, as I realized that what I had set out to do 1 year ago, was successfully accomplished, and shared with family and friends!

2) Coach JVB: I hear you have an amazing story of how you got into competing. Can you tell us about it?

Jill Pasma: From 2007-2011, I lived in England and worked as a fitness instructor.  During this time, I battled food intolerances, low self-esteem /confidence & an unsupportive husband. I almost lost my life weighing in at 95 pounds (sitting at 5’10). At the same, I found out that my husband was having an affair. Within a short period of time, I moved back to Canada, got a divorce, and started my life over again, all at the age of 25! I remember the sadness I saw in my father’s eyes and knew from that day on, I was going to make him proud and in turn, I would learn to love myself again.

I felt that by competing I would be able to manage my food intolerances (celiac, lactose and fish), put on the weight I needed, and gain the confidence I was lacking. It means everything to me to go up on stage and feel alive again. I feel that when I go up on stage, I represent women who have been through similar situations, and prove to everyone that we can fight back! In 2012, I successfully opened my own fitness business called Fit Bunnies Fitness, put on 50 pounds, ran a marathon, won 2 fitness competitions and Pro Card, started a fitness modeling career, and met my new partner & best friend, whom I love dearly.

3) Coach JVB: You also run a successful fitness business. Can you tell us about Fit Bunnies Fitness?

Jill Pasma: Fit Bunnies Fitness is not just a business to me. It is my life’s passon and savior. I opened up the business when I came back to Canada. My mission is to help women and men of all ages, abilities and backgrounds enjoy all of life’s opportunities by focusing on 3 key aspects: nutrition, training and counseling. I am honored to be able to offer a wide variety of services that include: nutrition, personal training, boot camps, Pilates/yoga and corporate training that are FUN, effective and supportive. We are also closely linked with the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. We continually raise money for our annual Run for the Cure campaign! I owe my life to dedicated training and excellent nutrition. Through Fit Bunnies, I plan on reaching out to help others the same way!

4) Coach JVB: We know you inspire plenty of women now with your recent women but who inspires you in the fitness industry?
Jill Pasma: The people who inspire me most are the fitness competitors I compete against. Each and every one of them has their own story and reasons why they compete. Whether they are a pro or a novice, young or over 40, or a parent to their children? they are the inspiration.
Colleen McConnell, from the Crystal Suit Company, is someone I look to seek advice from & hold close to my heart. She has been a huge support system for me this past year and I am driven to make her proud next season while wearing her gorgeous suits.
5) Coach JVB: I hear you also want to be a trainer on NBC’s hit show, “The Biggest Loser”. Why that show specifically?

Jill Pasma: It would be an honor to be a trainer / counselor on the biggest loser because I feel that my story is relatable and I could make a difference in the lives of both the contestants, and also the audience. However, my real dream would be to create my own show, called the Biggest Gainer! We see the struggles that people, who are overweight, face and the associated health risks. But, we never stop to think about the other side of the coin: the severely malnourished, underweight individuals. I would love to create a show dedicated to helping individuals gain muscle & at the end compete in a fitness competition! Now that would be great TV, and inspiration to many!

6) Coach JVB: Now that you’re going after your Pro Card next year, what kind of improvements to you physique are we going to see for 2013?

Jill Pasma: The training for the 2013 season has already begun: trying to put on more size. After 4 months of hard eating & training from July to November, I was only 2 pounds heavier on stage. It shows that it takes a significant amount of effort for small gains. I plan on increasing my food intake, and lifting heavy in the gym, once again! So the plan is to train 1 muscle group a week, with minimal cardio until dial in time. We will see if I can get my long limbs a little more defined!

Thanks Jill! We’ll be keeping an eye on your skyrocketing career!
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