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No flu shot for me!

No flu shot for me!

This is my opinion but I do not believe them for healthy people.

I know there is huge controversy about getting the flu shot every flu season so I just want to shed some light on it. There are other ways to maintain your health and keep a good immune system by eating well and supplementing where necessary i.e. probiotics, greens etc. Also, I’m not sure if anyone else has noticed but so many people that receive the flu shot get sick anyway (there are other viruses you can get!!). Here are some other reasons to think twice about the flu shot…

1. Flu shots contain small amounts of mercury that can be harmful to the brain. A study has shown that a person who has received 5 consecutive shots will increase their chances of Alzheimer’s disease 10 times more.

2. Flu shots can contain traces of leukemia and cancer viruses that cannot be entirely removed.

3. The flu shot can also contain traces of a pork product, which many people who do not consume pork for health or religious reasons are unaware of.

**People with chronic diseases and sickness can benefit from the flu shot – Healthier people who would survive an influenza infection with ease should investigate other ways of boosting their immune system. Period.**

Do your research and stop letting the pharmaceutical industry take over and control your life! Information and educating yourself is a power we all deserve 🙂

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My name Jennifer Van Barneveld-Pe and this is a collection of my experiences through blogging on balancing the life of a Fitness Expert/Nutritionist and brand new Mommy.

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  1. Evangeline Diez says

    Hey Jen, Great post, I couldn’t agree more…something else I’d like to share about them…a scary and not a well know issue a out flu shots, perhaps due to pharm companies not wanting such info to be circulated. In my 12 yrs as a Rehab Consultant in the insurance industry, I have had 5 clients with Guillian Barre syndrome, a condition whose symptoms are similar to stroke. Each of them were told ‘off the record’ by their doctors that there have been links to this l EE’s with long term use of the flu vaccine. Neither of the patients knew each other and they all had a 10+ yr history of getting the vaccine on a seasonal basis. Makes you wonder! I never get it, I’ve stopped my family from getting and I refused it for Adrian when they wanted to include it in his list of vaccines.

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